What is … Real?

Sometimes I wonder about writers of supernatural fiction. Not about their personality, or their behavior, or even their imagination. Let’s face it, great story telling is about mapping all of these onto solid writing skills; sometimes we get something really great.

But what happens when the writer fictionalizes a personal experience? More so, what if the writer fictionalizes a supernatural experience? Because that is the case with me, and the Prologue of The Cat and the Crypt.

It was some years ago when I experienced this. I was in a meditative state when I made a connection to one who was dying. The connection was at first, visual (I could see the setting where the death was taking place). But it soon changed into an emotional connection – one where I could feel that person’s energy, his heart; and I believe that person could feel mine as well.

But the person was dying, and life energy was ebbing away. I could feel this as plainly as I feel grief or anger or joy or sexual; as plainly as my fingers striking this keyboard.

Mind you, I’ve heard of no such encounter, ever, in the realm of what we call paranormal. After testing this against other personal accounts, I’ve determined it was not an out of body experience. I know it was not a near-death experience, even though there was certainly an opportunity for my death. And I’ve also examined other possibilities, but I’ve come up with no answer.

I realize I’m being somewhat vague. Please know my intent is not to withhold, but instead to inform you when I’ve included something especially personal inside one of my works, while at the same time not spoiling the story. This is just such an occurrence.

And so, I offer this story, The Cat and the Crypt, with a Prologue that’s based on my reality – one that I’ve experienced and know to be real.

— David Jewett

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I write fiction.  Stories about ghosts, hauntings, murder mysteries, secret societies, and just downright fun, creepy stories.

This is my first post on this blog, and I will make it brief.  Yet I urge you to watch this space for lots of fun, creepy ‘stuff’.

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