The Phantom Feline . . .

Who committed the MURDER? The wealthy widow thinks she knows . . . and the family — they have their own ideas.

It was in the Salem Evening Times that I first read about the murder of Lawrence Feldman. The report made it sound like a grisly affair – a dead body face down on the floor, soaked in a pool of blood, and with a knife sticking out of his back. And there was mention of the family – wealthy, it seemed, and grief-stricken. But the report was otherwise nondescript – no mention of where it happened, nothing said about possible suspects, and only a hint that the Sheriff’s department was investigating. In short, the report left me somewhat curious, but not exceedingly so.

And then two days later, a certain Detective Isaacs ensconced his massive frame in my door, and blotted out all the daylight that usually streams through that orifice. To this point in my 43 years of life, I had not met Isaacs, nor had I known of his career, or of his reputation. And so, upon his obliteration of my light source, I looked up from my desk, where I had been writing a memo, and said, “May I help you?” Of course, this simple and polite question easily translates to “who are you and what do you want?”

The man translated it flawlessly. “I’m Isaacs,” he said. “Detective Isaacs from the Sheriff’s office, and I’m here to talk about a murder.”


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