Meet the Author & Book Signing

Sept 16th, Meet the Author & Book Signing Event! Press Release –

Aunties Books Presents Supernatural Mystery author, David Jewett


Spokane, Washington – Aunties Books is hosting David Jewett, author of the anticipated supernatural murder mystery, The Mystery of the Phantom Feline, on Saturday, September 16th from 1:30 to 3:30pm.

Released on July 16th, David’s third novel is set on the north coast of Massachusetts, near Salem – home of the Witch Trials. The story takes place circa 1925, during the Roaring 20’s. Murder, Ghosts. a haunted mansion – then toss in a cat. It has something for everyone.

David Jewett is a native of the Salem, Massachusetts area. He was greatly influenced by the surrounding region’s history – a culture of special significance to Paranormal followers everywhere. In this, he draws on his experiences to bring a fresh perspective to the supernatural, and to murder mysteries.

David’s other books include: The Door is Nailed Shut (for a reason), a paranormal short story; and The Bankster Chronicles, a two-volume historical fiction thriller about the elite bankers’ attempt to control the world.

When he’s not writing, David works as a telecommunications engineer and consultant. He makes his home in the northwest Rockies, with his loving partner, their two anxiety-ridden dogs, and two insane kittens.

Aunties Books, Spokane’s Literary Landmark, is located at 402 W. Main Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201.

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